Where To Sweat By CJ Emmanuel | TimeTestedNews


And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground. Luke 22:44

Many of God’s precious people take the above verse to be figurative. But they are wrong because the condition in which someone sweats blood is real.


It is neither myth nor exaggeration. The condition is called Hematidrosis. Blood sweat is real and it happens when certain factors cause small blood vessels to rupture. The condition usually takes place around the forehead, nose, some other places.

Jesus truly sweated blood in prayer. His heart was heavy, heavier than imagination can capture. There is no record in scripture that is just for our information. The account of The Lord sweating blood is to show us where to sweat. He did not sweat blood when his friend Lazarus died.

He did not sweat blood when the weight of the cross was on his holy and precious shoulder. He did not swear blood when he had 500 men to feed not counting women and children. The raging sea of Galilee did not give Jesus Hematidrosis and when men were about to push him down a cliff he had no such condition.

Fear makes men greatly stressed in the public but passion stretches one to the limit in secret, Jesus was not afraid. He only sweated blood because of his resolution to do The Father’s will in spite of what was before him.

Your prayer closet is the place to sweat. It is the place of power. There, your spiritual battery is recharged and your victories overall challenges are sealed.

A brother so loudly and often displayed physical movements when he prayed in public. One day he explained his reason, saying it was his best way of praying ‘well’ because he could not pray as much as when he was alone.

Dependence on the grace of God is the best assurance a believer can have. You can do all things. Begin by sweating in secret prayers and receive grace today.


  1. Thank The Lord for hid death for you.
  2. Repent if you have been taking personal prayer casually.
  3. Pray for the grace to be fervent in prayer.
  4. Ask the Lord to give you a burden for the souls of men.
  5. Pray about today in thanks to God.


The harder your labour in secret prayer, the bolder you will be before challenges.