When An Image Maker Becomes Image Wrecker | TimeTestedNews

“Hope Uzodimma was made governor on a platter of doctored election results by seven justices of the Supreme Court, none of whom voted in the election, and who subsequently refused to right their manifest wrong on the grounds that the court lacked powers to sit on appeal in its own judgment.
“That is the truth that is haunting Oguwike and his co-travellers on the boulevard of falsehood.
“Oguwike said no amount of hate commentary on his principal will make him remove his eyes on the governance ball to reposition Imo State.
“That is exactly the wish of every well-meaning Imolite. Unfortunately, there is no ball right now in Uzodimma’s governance field, hence the resort to blatant falsehoods.
“Oguwike ranted that Ndi-Imo have seen the construction/reconstruction of roads that will stand the test of time, reforms in the civil service like never before, and claimed they are getting their due from the government without being dehumanised.
“Really? Which state is he talking about? The same Imo State where pensioners, old men and women, were beaten mercilessly by thugs for daring to demand payment of their pension arrears?
“It is good to hear Uzodimma has turned Imo into a giant construction site and work is ongoing on the dilapidated Owerri-Orlu, Owerri-Okigwe roads. Does that mean that the construction giant, Julius Berger, has mobilised to site after signing a memorandum of understanding on those two roads with Uzodimma last year?
“Oguwike wrote about the unprecedented reforms in the civil service without elaborating. Do the reforms entail non-payment of civil servants and teachers or pay cut for those who are lucky to be paid anything at all?
“By the way, what has happened to the N2 billion Uzodimma claimed last year he was saving every month for the state through his “painstaking exercise of eradicating the stinking fraud in the public service payroll system?” Is there no longer limits to lies?
“Granted, even at the best of times, the job of image making is a tough call. It is even more so when dealing with a principal with a mountain of baggage.
But by his churlish antics, Oguwike is making a bad situation even worse, wrecking further, rather than remaking Uzodimma’s bad image.”