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Nigerian R&B singer, Aituaje Iruobe aka Waje has revealed that not being in love for quite some time inspired her latest body and Extended Project (EP) titled Heart Season.

In her Instagram live with her fans recently, when asked what inspired her EP, the single mother said “When you do not have love in your life and you are praying for it, it will be inspiring to you. I am sure the day that love will come now, the inspiration will go away because there will be other hurdles, so let me enjoy this space now. It is the idea of being in love that inspired Heart Season. I have not been in love for quite a while, I can’t even remember,” said Waje.


When further asked why she had not been in love for a while, the 40-year-old singer said “I am in love with my daughter.”

Disclosing the reason for the choice of an EP over an album four years after her previous album ‘Red Velvet,’ the Coco Baby singer said “I just felt that I have so much content and releasing them in albums will just be like, you know how we creatives get, sometimes we are in a space in terms of message and sound and then when we are done with that we move on to the next one so I just say let me just keep releasing. I felt that since that whole me saying I was leaving the industry I had not really done anything that will create that source of impact and I just wanted to showcase music that I had been doing.”

In March 2019, Waje made public her intentions to consider quitting music due to lack of support towards her music and in April the same year she co-produced a movie, ‘She Is,’ with her best friend Omawunmi.

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