UK Man Faces Hard Time As His Name Ends With ‘Korona’ | TimeTestedNews


A man who recently welcomed his baby revealed that his name is puzzling the people around him as the 38-year-old year man’s name consists of the name Korona.

Representational Image The doctors who delivered Jimmy Korona’s baby refused to believe that the baby’s name is Korona and he must have given this surname to his baby as a joke because of the current coronavirus outbreak.


“It feels weird hearing my name everywhere,” Korona added. Jimmy Korona, a construction worker from the UK, said that people often assume he’s pulling a prank whenever he tells them his name.

Korona said he had to show ID to medics at the birth of his son because they refused to believe the name. He also stated that he never had this problem with his name in the past, but since the coronavirus pandemic.

Jimmy Korona had been experiencing issues with doctors, bar staff and delivery people who all refuse to believe that his name is Korona.

Korona also stated that people at the pub come up and tell him that they cannot believe that his name is Korona and nobody believed except for those who have known him for years.

Thus, now, he shows his bank card or passport to prove that Jimmy Korona has always been his name. He shared how he felt about his name and stated that it feels weird when he hears his name everywhere.