Two Mothers Of Abducted Islamiyya School Children Die

…school proprietor narrates ordeal in tears
…says our children eat groundnut cakes daily
Two mothers of the abducted Islamiyya school children in Niger State died after confirming their children were still in captivity.
Reports monitored on national television indicate that the two mothers who could not stand the trauma suddenly died.
Narrating the ordeal of the parents and the abducted children, proprietor of the school,  Alhassan Abubakar said:
“We have lost two parents since the children were abducted, one died on Wednesday, the other immediately she had the news barely 15 minutes after she suffered a heart attack and died.
“My children are among those kidnapped and I was told they are being fed kuli kuli (groundnut cakes) on a daily basis can you imagine that happening to my own children, “Alhassan in tears wondered.
“Will you tell me that, the state and Federal Government are not aware of our plight and nothing is being done to help us?
“We have told them our plight yet there’s no succour and we are appealing to them to help us rescue these innocent children.
Other parents also lamented heaping all the blames in the corridor of government.
130 students of an Islamiyya school in Niger state were abducted last Sunday.
The state  Commissioner for Information Mohammed Idris had on Thursday said “in this particular case we will negotiate with them but no payment of ransom.
Asked whether he is aware of moves by the parents of the abductees to raise the ransom, Mohammed said, “all I can say is that we are averse to it but we have our strategy which we can not disclose to the media.”