Trump Will Fuel His Campaign On Biden’s Failures-Morris | TimeTestedNews


‘ Donald Trump will make use of POTUS Joe Biden’s “failures” in immigration policies to boost his presumed re-election ‘,  GOP political consultant and ex-presidential adviser Dick Morris stated in an interview with Newsmax.

“When that immigrant caravan hits the border and  hundreds of thousands of people are coming into the United States, that will be a  serious issue for [Trump]”, Morris said.


Another possible failure that Trump might use to his own advantage is Biden’s policy towards  Iran, the political consultant suggested. Morris claims that by the end of Biden’s first term, the Islamic Republic will allegedly make its first nuclear weapon due to the Democrat’s intention to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal, despite Tehran statement dismissing all allegations that it seeks to make nukes. According to the former adviser, such a development would also play into Trump’s hands.

‘The ex-president will also try to capitalise on his own victories and record during his single term to win  more votes’, Morris alleged.

The political consultant’s predictions came to reality during Donald Trump’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on 28 February, where he hinted at a possible 2024 presidential bid and strongly criticised the Democratic Party and the “radical left”. He also brought to notice that President Joe Biden has already shown that he “puts America last” as opposed to Trump’s motto “America first”.
Trump referred to the Democrat’s first orders, under which he cancelled many of the ex-POTUS’ directives, including on immigration.

Also, Biden recently unveiled a new piece of legislation that would effectively open the way for hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants in the US to get citizenship if approved by the Congress.