TimeTestedNews ||ACF blames Tinubu’s policies for deteriorating living standards


The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), a prominent northern advocacy group, has expressed deep concerns over the worsening living conditions, inflation, and unemployment in Nigeria.

The ACF attributes the challenge to certain policies implemented by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration.


During its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting held in Kaduna on Tuesday, the ACF warned of potential social unrest, particularly in the northern regions, if these economic issues are not addressed promptly.

In a communique issued and signed by ACF National Spokesman, Professor Tukur Muhammad-Baba, the forum highlighted the severe impact of fuel subsidy removal and the introduction of new taxes and levies, which it claims have significantly deteriorated citizens’ living standards.

The ACF noted that the average citizen faces severe inflation, unemployment, and a rapid decline in living standards. These issues are exacerbated by ongoing security challenges, including insurgency, terrorism, and banditry, particularly in the northern states.

The forum criticized the government’s economic policies, specifically the removal of fuel subsidies, the floating of the Naira, and increased electricity tariffs. It described these measures as burdensome and detrimental to the population’s economic well-being.

The ACF expressed grave concern over the escalating insecurity in the northern regions, warning that if left unaddressed, it could lead to widespread social chaos and discontent among citizens.

The communique also highlighted growing regional disparities in access to education, healthcare, infrastructure, and political participation. It called for urgent government action to bridge these gaps to prevent further division within the country. The ACF urged the government to roll out public policy programs to improve purchasing power and alleviate economic hardships. It also called on public officials to avoid profligacy and reckless spending, emphasizing the need for sacrifices to inspire citizens.