Tijjaniyya Sect, Largest Islamic Group In W’Africa, Appoints Sanusi As Leader | TimeTestedNews


The Tijjaniya Islamic sect has selected the former Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi, as its leader in Nigeria.

This occurred on Friday at the annual gathering of the sect in Sokoto.


The Tijjaniyya sect has members across West, North and East Africa.

Mr Sanusi’s grandfather, who was also Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi I, was the first leader of the sect in Nigeria.

After his death, the sect broke into two factions following the selection of Isiyaka Rabiu as his successor. The other faction rallied behind Dahiru Bauchi and stuck to its different ways until Mr Rabiu’s death.

On Friday, members and leaders of the two factions met in Sokoto and selected Mr Sanusi as the group’s new leader.

Mr Bauchi was among top leaders of the sect in Nigeria at the event.

Speaking after the event,  Ahmed Almustapha, said members were happy with Mr Sanusi’s selection.

“This is a welcome development, we all accept the selection of Sanusi as the new leader of Tijjaniya. With him, the sect will be united again.