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The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.
John 3: 8
If your common sense is what guides all that you know and believe, you are greatly limited. The truth is that people who are led by the Spirit of God often do things that go against common sense. The Lord says Holy Ghost led men are like the wind. Their movements often daze the minds of natural men, including theirs. If you try to figure out all that The Lord tells you, you will likely fall into the trap of disobeying Him.
The realm of obedience is a no sense realm as far as the Spirit is concerned. Peter was to step out of a boat when the wind was boisterous. At the wedding in Cana, wine was needed but The Word said water should go into the pots. The servants were to go and fetch water instead of going to town to buy wine. Five thousand men were to be fed not counting women and children and five loaves and two fishes were enough because the disciples obeyed The Lord. Don’t hesitate to obey The Lord just because what He tells you in the Bible does not make sense to you or anyone else. The mind will limit a man but the Word of God will set Him free.
A brother had his Quiet Time one morning as usual and got ready to go out. But, The Lord did not release Him. Instead, He told him to listen to the news. Because it was not in the brother’s habit to turn on his radio that early, he found it strange. But, because he was certain it was The Lord and would not disobey Him, he turned on his radio in spite of all that he had lined up for that day. As he tuned into a particular station, he heard the breaking news that there had been a coup and that it was not safe to go to town. Obedience saved his life and time when common sense would have gotten him into trouble.
Don’t live a regimented life. Those who are led by the Holy Ghost do not. He blows them where He wills and when He wills. May you live in total surrender to the Word of God. It is the realm of greatness where common sense never rules.
1. Thank The Lord for today.
2. Thank Him because you know He will help you to always obey Him.
3. Give Him praise for His Word.
4. Pray that the Holy Spirit will stir up the children of God everywhere to rise up in obedience to Him.
5. Ask The Lord to send revival. Give Him praise.
Inspiring Quote
God has set Eternity in our hearts, and man’s infinite capacity cannot be filled or satisfied with the things of time and sense.
– F.B. Meyer
The Bible from cover to cover: Psalms 2 & Matthew 2.
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