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For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.
Romans 14: 17
Many are joyless because of spiritual deafness. They do not hear anything God says. Because faith comes by hearing and hearing, they are dry of it due to their deafness. Some deliverance ministers say that deafness and dumbness are two demons that often work together. This explains why if a man cannot hear God, his mouth will be very heavy when it comes to prayer, preaching and praising God.
A young man went to Mark Twain one day before a lecture and pleaded with him to do all he could to make his (the young man’s) old uncle laugh. He explained that his uncle had not laughed in ten years .When the lecture began, the young man made sure that his uncle sat in front and his expectation was great .
Mark Twain did all he could. He told all the jokes he knew and the room was agog with laughter but the old man did not even smile. In the end, the young man walked up to Twain and thanked him for doing so well. Surprised, Mark Twain told him that he had failed to get the old man to laugh; then the young man told him that the old man was deaf.
The Holy Ghost is doing all he can to get God’s children to be joyful. But, spiritual deafness has been a clog in His wheel of progress. The only means He has is the Word of God and it must be read, heard and mixed with faith in the heart. Without joy no believer can go far in life. The joy of the Holy Ghost is the lubricant for the ‘frictions’ in life. Paul and Silas prayed and praised in prison and the disciples rejoiced when they suffered for the Lord. Their hearts believed Him and they obeyed Him. May spiritual deafness be far away from you.
1. Thank God for His mercies.
2. Pray that you will hear God.
3. Pray that your joy will know no end.
4. Pray as The Lord leads you. Thank Him.
Inspiring Quote
If I am not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don’t want to go there. – Martin Luther
The Bible from cover to cover: Job 38 & Revelation 18.
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