The Familiar Voice By CJ Emmanuel | TimeTestedNews

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.
John 10: 27
Something exceptionally astonishing happened in a town many years ago. A reverend went for a wake in a place that was quite far from where he lived. Around 2:00am, as he was conducting the meeting using a public address system, his dog found its way out of his home and began to walk towards the voice of its master. As the reverend spoke on, the dog moved and moved until it got to where its master was.
When the reverend was through with his ministration, he was dazed to see his dog. He had two dogs, but the one that appeared to love him more left home in response to his voice in order to locate him.
Those who love The Lord are attracted to His Word. They are not passive when they hear His voice. They do not ignore His Word for social media because they are in love. They understand that the Bible is the voice of God in print. One dog stayed back while the other went out after its master. It was a wonder to the reverend and those that saw it all that morning, including all that heard its story.
God knows your voice. It is only fair that you respond to His. Peter and John prayed and sang in prison, and the Lord ‘traced’ them there because He heard them. Good parents hardly get the voices of their children mixed up and only recalcitrant children are not familiar with the voices of their parents.
It is time to rise up and out do a mere dog. We can love our master deeper than that dog loved its. As you spend time in The Word, you will be so used to how The Lord speaks that you will never take His voice for another’s. For our Lord, He knows your voice and will get to you when He hears it anytime, any day. May you be so deeply in love with the Lord that His voice becomes to you, the familiar voice.
1. Thank The Lord for saving you.
2. Thank Him for the love He has for you.
3. Ask Him to forgive you if you have never cared to know His voice.
4. Pray for the ability to hear His voice when he speaks to you.
5. Pray as the Lord leads you and give thanks.
Inspiring Quote
When God speaks, oftentimes His voice will call for an act of courage on our part.
– Charles Stanley
The Bible from cover to cover: Psalms 1 & Matthew 1.
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