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Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men Matthew 16: 23.

The devil often puts up notices in different disguises to rob the people of God off their freedom. He is a thief but when it comes to the children of God, he needs their cooperation to function. No devil would be able to take what The Lord has given you if you don’t permit it.


Has The Lord healed you? Beware of lying symptoms. They are usually notices that Satan puts up to get you to give up your healing. Has God blessed you? Beware of fearful thoughts about losing your blessings. They are arrows of satan targetted at  breaking off your security in The Lord. The peace in your home is permanent. Ignore the little disagreements and shun the devil.

When God blesses, He blesses for good. He does not give to take back. He lets you have what He has for you and then he causes an increase in your .

On an airplane one day, a cunning man wanted to choose who would sit next to him. To achieve his desire,he wrote the following, ‘This seat is reserved for proper load balance. Thank you’ and placed it on the seat. Everyone who attempted to sit on the seat saw the notice, read it and moved on to search for another seat. The man watched them all and said nothing. At last, someone whose face he liked came into the plane and he quickly removed the notice and the person got to where he was and sat in the empty seat.

The devil does all he does to achieve his aim. He just wants to steal, kill and destroy men. Make up your mind that his notices are not for you. Ignore them. Take them off and enjoy your life as a Christian. Bad news should never intimidate you. Nightmares should not make you run here and there. Arise and take authority. Jesus has placed the devil under your feet. Never let what the devil does dictate your level of freedom and joy. May your joy always be full.

1. Thank The Lord for His goodness to you.
2. Pray that He will continue to uphold His people.
3. Pray that the lies of the devil will be exposed.
4. Pray as The Lord leads you and give thanks.


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