The Black Walnut: Psychic, Nutritive And Healing Powers


Another season of the Black Walnut is here. It must be a special gift from Modern Nature which signals the coming of May, in the season of regeneration or rebirth throughout the Universe.


The thought of a season has has given us an opportunity to deeply ask ourselves what the seasons are, what they bring and why they bring them, because there is no accident in Creation. From the outcomes of scientific studies, we now know that the Black Walnut is a load of anti-oxidants, nutrients and medicines, particularly for the brain, eyes, heart, intestine, pancreas, skin and the reproductive system, to name only a few part which the Black Walnut impacts. If everything which exists had a purpose, everything in the sky, from the sun and the moon and the stars to the solar systems and the galaxies are no happenstance or accidents.

They exist to help man achieve the purpose of his existence outside his home, Paradise. A tracting and repelling one another through energy impacts as science has shown, they pour energy (radiations) upon the earth. The earth absorbs this energy and unite it with its own energy to form everything we see on earth, rivers, oceans, forests, fruits, vegetables etc. One question this scenario throws up is: why do different food crops, fruits, vegetables etc come up seasonally?

The answer, provided by Astrology, the Royal Art, is to be found in The Law of Motion. Everything in the sky and our earth are mobile, forming different constellations or assemblies which produce different configurations of energy from time to time.

It is as though mankind stands amid an ocean of energy in a flux for which the body requires special protection from time to time as the seasons of energy changes. The earth provides through foods and foods in season to match the seasonal energy currents. And that is why, this season, the Black Walnut is in season. It is, therefore, in his interest that man enjoys the foods, fruits, nuts and even the herbs in season! Maria Treben This legendary Austrian herbalist gives us an introduction to the Black Walnut in her Help Through God’s Pharmacy.

She says that the leaves, we use as tea, “cleanses the blood and is an effective remedy for intestinal disorders as well as for constipation and lack of appetite”. The tea also treats “jaundice and diabetes”. When a decoction of the leaves is added to bath water, it addresses “scrofula, rickets, caries and swellings of the bones as well as for festering toe and finger nails”.

She suggests washing cradle crap affected, scabs and scurf with a decoction of the green leaves. She says the tea also addresses acne, festering eczema, sweaty feets and whites (leucorrhea), a type of vaginal discharge. For people who have one problem or the other in the mouth, Maria Treben suggests using the decoction as a wash for “stomatitis, inflamed gums, throat and larynx”. For people who battle falling hair, the decoction is suggested to be “beneficial …when it is massaged frequently into the scalp”.

Treben adds: “About the middle of June, the unripe nuts are picked. A pin should easily run through them and used to prepare a delightful cordial, which cleans stomach, liver and blood, strengthens weakened stomach and improves foul intestine. It is an excellent remedy for thick blood”. One Nigerian Grandfather who bear witness to the suggestions of Maria Treben is Pa Olajide Shoboyede, 84(08035500595).

With kind permission, his story is told below….when he was 76 or 77, Pa Shoboyede experimented with Raw Black Walnut. He chewed six and went to bed by about 7pm one day. At about 11pm, his bowels became cathartic, moving rapidly several times.

“My eyes were turning, and I was so extremely weak from exhaustion that I thought I was going to die,” he recalled last week, adding: “I lived alone, and I had locked the door downstairs. So, I thought that if I didn’t do something and I died, it was the smell of my body that would make the neighbours know something had happened to me.

“I had a towel around my waist. I could not stand or walk. I tied the towel around one knee and a cloth around the other and began to crawl to the kitchen. I knew Sea Salt could help me. I put some in a bottle of water and began to sip it. I crawled back to my bed when I began to feel stronger and after a while, I slept off.”

Pa Shoboyede doesn’t give up on experimenting with natural foods to help his health. So, one week later, believing six raw walnuts were an overdose for him, he ate only one, and it gave him only “a light” bowel movement.

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