Teni ‘Makanaki’ Opens Up On Body Shaming, Losing Father| TimeTestedNews

Nigerian artist, Teni has revealed how she handles the loss of her father, Simeon Apata who was killed in 1995.

poeple that are familiar with the late civil war veteran describe him as a courageous man whose death left a huge vacuum in his immediate environment of Isolo, Lagos.

Speaking on the dealing with the loss of her late dad, the ‘Uyomeyo’ crooner in a chat with Chude, a media personality said: “Dealing with loss is crazy, people will tell you, you will get over it.You will never get over it.There are some days you feel down, you don’t know why. My dad just a genius, he was a man that can foresee and plan for his generations to come.


He deserves to be idolized. For that reason, I am always grateful to him because, even after his death, I was still able to go to school in America, I was still able to live a decent life”.

On what makes her amiable and authentic, Teni stated: “Most times people can tell who is genuine.I feel like, I have never been who I am not.That’s the only way I knew, I have never known how to be something else.I will be unhappy if I am not.My confidence comes from my mother and it also comes from knowing who my father was”.

Shedding light on the process of making her debut album, ‘Wondaland’ Teni averred: “I had to calm down to make sure my first album was done correctly to my own taste.I made the album from scratch, me and the producers lived in the same house, we became friends so I had to take that time to record the song.I had always known that I was built for something bigger than the ordinary.I believe that anytime I do something from my heart, it always works”.

Being a super star comes with its own downsides. Teni though loved by man, has been bashed by fans over her weight.

 Asked how she reacts to those who body shamed her, she said: “Just because someone is fat, doesn’t mean they are not healthy.You might be skinny, are you healthy?I get checked like two to three times a year.I am fine.Worry about yourself.I am fine. My cholesterol is okay, my heart is okay.I know at times it’s from a good place”, she said.