RMAFC Begins Review Of Salaries For Public Office Holders | TimeTestedNews


The Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC), has commenced review of salaries for public office holders in Nigeria.

This followed public outcry for the review of the nation’s political office holders downward.

Speaking to newsmen in Amagu, Ikow Local Government Area of Ebonyi state the Chairman of RMAFC, Chief Elias Mbam yesterday said the end of the process will determine whether the salaries of the public office holders will be reviewed upward or downward.

He made the revelation shortly after receiving a Chieftaincy title from the Ikwo community.


Mbam said “one of the major responsibilities of our commission is to determine remuneration appropriate for public and judicial office holders and doing that, you don’t just say it is this or that, so many factors are considered. One of them is the financial situation of the nation, the inflations, the GDP and so on.

“And the commission conscious that since the last review, a lot has happened and we have commenced the process of that review to reflect the changing realities. We have progressed and fund has been an issue but we believe that before the end of this year, something concrete will happen. It is a process and the process at the end determines what it is. When it goes through that process, if it turns out to be increase, it will increase, if it turns out to be decrease, you will all see it.

“We are enjoying all Nigerians to participate in the review because there will be public hearing, there will be invitation for memorandum from members of the public, from institutions and all tiers of government”.

He disclosed that the commission has carried out advocacy tour of the 36 states of the federation on the need to diversify the nation’s economy.

“We have undertaken a very serious approach in advocacy and sensitization of all tiers of government, we have carried out workshop, we have carried out advocacy tours in the 36 states of the federation and it is already yielding result because before I came in, solid mineral wasn’t contributing to the federation account. Now, solid mineral has started contributing to the federation account. We want focus more on consolidating that contribution, go into agriculture, tourism and manufacturing.

“We believe that if we go in with the zeal and Nigerians support, it will be long we will be getting more revenue than from oil”.