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As they looked at the boldness of Peter and John, they were marveled and they had an undertanding of them that they had been with Jesus Christ Acts :13.

Nirtzsche was the German philosophical founder of the Nazi movement in Germany. He was the fist man to proclaim boldly that God was dead. And he came to the conclusion that he could not be wrong because of the Christianity that was practised around Him. He said ‘ if you want me to believe your redeemer you are going to look more redeemed.


When we fail to be Christ-like we send more people to hell than we can imagine. Righteousness is greatly attractive but the deceiver tries to say and prove otherwise. If winning the world was possible Jesus would not have given us the great commission. Moreso, many people who claim to be christians are just church goers.

A good number of people have biblical names but they do not know the Christ of the bible. It is time to show Nirtzsches of the world that God is alive. It is now time to rise up whereever we find ourselves lifting up the flag of righteousness and waving it for lost souls to come to the saving Christ. Jesus walked when he could have chosen not to,He used peter’s boat when he could have stood on water to preach. It would have been ‘a great attraction’.
He hungered when he could have turned stones to bread. He knew all the secrets about Pilate, yet he was silent about him.

The redeemer now lives in you because you are the redeemed. Show him to world. Is Jesus truly alive? Answer the Question?

The answer is in your own life the way you live. The Nazi’s of this world are watching.Go into the world and show it that Jesus lives, he saves, that he heals,that he also blesses and the lord is the lord over all.


  1. Thank God for the salvation of your soul.
  2. Pray that your life will bring many to the lord.
  3. Pray that 2021 will be year of Giant leaps.
  4. Pray about your daily activities, Thank the lord for answers.

Inspirational Quotes

But he is alive and we have only to preach His gospel in all it’s naked simplicity, the power that goes with it will be evidence of its divinity.