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A proposed discussion between Elon Musk and Vladimir Putin on the app Clubhouse may not go further after the Tesla boss reportedly failed to answer to the Kremlin.The technology billionaire sent an invite to the Russian president for a chat on Clubhouse last month by tweeting the official presidential account.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said at the time that the offer was “a very interesting proposal”, but on Tuesday said that an attempt to go on with the virtual meet-up had come to nothing.


Mr Peskov told reporters that Moscow had not received a response after reaching out to Mr Musk for more details, and that the matter was now probably closed.

“Apparently there was some kind of misunderstanding,” Mr Peskov told reporters.

It is not clear what Mr Musk wished to discuss with Mr Putin, though some suggested it may have been related to recent news that Russian regulators are considering fines for anyone using SpaceX’s Starlink internet service.

The invite-only app allows users to join chat rooms focused on certain topics, with Mr Musk previously using the platform to discuss everything from colonising Mars to cryptocurrency.

Up to 5,000 users at any one time can join digital “rooms” to listen in on conversations, as well as start their own discussions.

Earlier this year, Mr Musk grilled the co-founder of the trading app Robinhood over its decision to limit the amount of shares its customers could buy in certain companies.

Mr Musk has also invited the rapper Kanye West to appear with him on Clubhouse, with  no further details about when this might take.

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