Oniru Suspends Palace Attackers of Late Kings’ Son -TimeTestedNews


Omogbolahan Lawal, Oniru of Iru Land, has ordered the suspension of palace officials who slapped Tijani Oniru, son of the late king.

Lawal was crowned the king of IruLand in Lagos state in June after the demise of Abiodun Idowu Oniru, his predecessor, in 2019.


In a viral video, Tijani was allegedly attacked by palace security officials over landed property owned by the family of the late monarch.

But in a statement on Monday, the media office of the new Oniru said the monarch has ordered investigation into the incident, asking all parties to maintain peace.

“Yesterday afternoon Sunday 05 July 2020, a rather regrettable incident occurred within the Oniru Estate neighbourhood (close to Millennium Estate Gates) which culminated in an altercation between some officials of Oniru’s Palace and a group led by Prince Tijani Oniru,” the media office said.

“A team of Palace Officials led by Prince Murisiku Ajasa were allegedly accosted by Prince Tijani Oniru and some other persons. The Palace officials were on routine inspection to supervise the work being done by an Inventory and Enumeration group.

“In the ensuing heated argument, it was alleged that Prince Tijani Oniru slapped the leader of the Palace officials, who was also alleged to have retaliated. Fortunately, the Police quickly intervened to prevent further escalation.

“The Oniru of Iruland HRM Oba Abdul Wasiu Omogbolahan Lawal, has been formally notified of this incident, and he has immediately ordered an investigation into both the incident and the conduct of the Palace officials.

“His Majesty has repeatedly stated that he would not tolerate or condone any acts of violence, lawlessness and recourse to self-help.

“In addition, he sees no reason or excuse for violence in Iru Land. Consequently, Kabiyesi has directed the Palace Administrator to immediately suspend the official involved in the incident pending full investigation.”