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These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.
John 15: 11
The joy that the Lord gives His own is full. He does not leave out any area. This however does not mean that challenges will not arise. What it implies is that in spite of challenges, the believer is full of joy. Those who allow the things they have or do not have to dictate the measure of joy in their hearts are shallow.
In truth, there is no time that Christians will not have needs. For example, if one prays for a child, one will have to keep praying for the child when it comes. When the child is of age, one prays for the right partner because it is one thing to be married and another to be married to the right person. Gradually, one moves on to praying for grandchildren and the process continues.
Is your joy full? Forget about ‘buts’. Throw them off and celebrate what the Lord is doing in your life. Make up your mind that no but will journey with you anymore. Buts slow men down. Whatever should be and is not, should be taken to God.
A sister went to tell an older believer something about herself that she thought was a really bad ‘but’. After listening to her, the older believer told her that what she was passing through was not close in intensity to what she (the older believer) was experiencing. The lady was surprised because the older believer was always full of joy.
Don’t let ‘buts’ bottle up your joy. Rejoice in the Lord; again rejoice. No matter what comes your way, rejoice because for the redeemed, there are really no ‘buts’.
1. Thank The Lord for your life.
2. Ask the Lord to help you live in His joy, no matter what happens.
3. Pray for the people that are facing intense challenges.
4. Asked The Lord to send revival.
5. Tell The Lord about your challenges. Thank Him.
Inspiring Quote
It is His joy that remains in us that makes our joy full.
– A.B. Simpson
The Bible from cover to cover: Psalm 4 & Matthew 4.
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