Nigeria’s COVID-19 Infections Hit164,000 | TimeTestedNews


The total COVID-19 infections in Nigeria reached 164,000 on Wednesday with 89 new cases recorded in 10 states.

This is according to an update published by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) Wednesday night.


Nigeria has had a steady run of low infection figures in the past month.

The 89 new cases on Wednesday raised the total number of infections in the West African nation to 164,000.

Daily deaths from COVID-19 have also drastically declined in the past two weeks with no new fatalities recorded from the disease in the past 48 hours.

The fatality toll in the country remains 2,061.

Only three deaths have been reported from the disease in Nigeria in nearly three weeks.


The 89 new cases were reported from 10 states: Lagos-19, FCT-15, Adamawa-12, Akwa Ibom-10, Cross River-9, Rivers-6, Ogun-6, Kano-5, Kaduna-4, Osun-3.

Since the pandemic broke out in Nigeria in February last year, the country has carried out over 1.8 million tests.

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