Nigerians will resist attempt to foist interim government – ACF


The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), yesterday, said that Nigerians would resist any attempt by individuals or groups to foist interim government on the country.

It also recommended the arrest and prosecution of anyone or persons found or caught canvassing for interim government.


Kwara State chapter chairman of the ACF, Dr Ghali Mohammed, disclosed this to reporters in Ilorin, the state capital on the sidelines of a Ramadan lecture organised by the Kwara State Television Authority.

Dr Mohammed, a senior lecturer at the University of Ilorin added that “anybody, no matter how highly-placed advocating or supporting interim government under any guise will be met with the strongest of opposition. I can assure you that Nigerians are too loud in that direction.

“Anybody who does that should be arrested and prosecuted for treason because that is the height of insubordination against the country. Nobody will accept this. I trust my northern people.

“I trust Governor AbdulRaman Abdulrazaq and other governors that led the campaign for power to shift to the South will be pleased that the country is one despite the contrary permutations from some quarters.

“The northern governors when they spoke for power to shift to the South did so bearing in mind the troubles and expectation of Nigerians. The decision was predicated on good intentions. Everybody fell in love with that decision.

“It is even very surprising that anybody would contest election and win in other regions order than his own to that extent. Nigerians have spoken and we have spoken loudly. It will be so sad for anybody now to say that President-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu should not be sworn-in.”