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MyDokita, a telemedicine app, has been launched on Google and Apple stores for Nigerians who are seeking medical help overseas.

Speaking with our correspondent, Founder of MyDokita app, Jide Akintola, said it was important for Nigerians to embrace telemedicine, saying it would give them access to fast and reliable medical care.


He explained, “MyDokita app provides Nigerians affordable instant access to a second opinion on their diagnosis and medical prescriptions thereby reducing the risk of misdiagnosis or wrong prescription. At the moment, there is no platform that allows collaboration and knowledge transfer between all the great Nigerian medical practitioners outside the country and those within the country.

“We have developed the myDokita app to make this happen. The platform allows for mentoring, knowledge transfers and collaboration between Nigerian overseas medical practitioners and the local experts. The app, which was created in partnership with Pius Akanni Akintola Foundation, is live now on Google Play Store.”

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