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Nigeria’s former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and celebrated corporate giant, Dr. Christopher Kolade has said he has many stories of God’s practical interventions in his life that have made him conclude that God is more practical than theoretical.

Kolade was responding to a question during an online forum on July 18 with the theme, “real men in uncertain times”, organized by Kingdom Men (Kmen). Kmen is a faith-based organization founded by Pastor Remi Akano.

Christopher Kolade
Pastor Remi Akano

The question Dr. Kolade responded to was on how to cope during tragic situations with a follow-up question on practical tips.

In responding, Dr. Kolade who is also the Chairman Board of Trustees of Kmen, said, “I do not theorize as far as my relationship with God is concerned. Search your life and see how many occasions God has shown his grace in your life. This is not a theory. We talk about God always. But we must do so until we allow what we talk about to take root in our hearts.

“If you are born again, you evidently will not start your day without Jesus. Talking can sound like theory, but I have not been theorizing in my relationship with God. The Lord has dealt with me in many situations in my life. I have many practical interventions of God in my life.”

On how to cope with tragic situations, Kolade explains, “Anyone who has lost anything or going through a difficult situation will first realize that it is difficult to look into the future. But my own philosophy of life is whenever God gives me the grace to wake up each morning, I believe he has something ahead of me.

“The reason I can handle the situation I find myself at all given time is that I know whom I believe. I believe God is not wicked. I believe God is not careless. I can trust my most prized possession to him. He is more than able to protect me. When tragic things happen, the best way to handle it is to remember that nothing happens without the knowledge of God.

“You must also realize that he knows that you need comforting, encouragement and strength. My faith tells me that whatever is ahead of me, God has made provision on how to handle it. What we should do at that moment is to ask, Lord, what is your instruction for me? I am not suggesting that it will be easy. But I know the power of God is able to help us. This is always true with us as believers. When you pass through certain situations they will not overwhelm you. Isaiah 43 gives us a clue about that” he said.

Also commenting at the forum, Pastor Muyiwa Maku of the Guided Missiles Church said the relationship of the believer with God is too practical than theoretical. He said, “I have records of amazing moments that gives me the assurance that God is real. Our walk with God is too deep to be theoretical. But then a believer should not wait till he has a challenge before having a strong relationship with God. If you wait till you have a challenge it may be too late.”

Pastor Muyiwa Maku

He explained further that believers are overcomers and not survivors noting that the reality of the believer is that he is seated with Christ in the heavenly places. “The situation we are going through is not the reality. Our reality is in Christ Jesus. We are already overcomers. So we should not allow the situation to overwhelm us.” he said.

Source: Church Times Nigeria

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