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Nigeria-born US-based disc jockey and songwriter, DJ Kassava, is rated as the Afrobeat king in New Jersey. Known for his fearless mixes on the decks. Kassava who won the Best Afrobeat DJ 2019 shares his story.

We have seen a lot of people come back to Nigeria to start their music career from home. How would you compare the music industry in Nigeria to what you have in the United States?


To be honest there is a big difference. In the industry back home there is space for artistes and DJs. But in America, it’s not the same. The artistes are fighting hard to make it in the music industry. To me, I would say that the Nigerian music industry should accommodate more artistes and provide a structure that has the capacity to nurture and groom them before they get on the big stage.


Do you think that disc jockeys are getting the recognition they deserve?

No. Not with all the celebrity DJs on board now. If you are not raising your game and putting in the work to show the world how good you are, you won’t be recognised.


What motivated you into being a disc jockey?

I always tell people that I grew up in a music family. My dad is a pastor so, he loved to hear good music all the time. I told him that I wanted music to be a part of my life and  that’s how I got motivated to start the business of disc jockey. I really wanted it to be a part of me so, I motivated myself to start the business of disc jockey.

Who are the biggest influences on your career?

My dad comes first as my number one influence on my career choice. Another person is my producer. He taught me a lot about music production, among other things.


Having become one of the most respected DJs around, do you feel you have reached the top of your game?

I have not even started my game and you are rating me already. The people have not even felt the vibe yet but the commendation and recognitions are coming in. I am grateful to God but I still feel hungry for more glory and wins.