Make every minute count


He who kills time buries opportunities



I came across a write-up done by the ageless pastor of the Deeper Life Bible Church, Williams F. Kumuyi, titled ‘Every Minute Counts.’ I have always respected the sagacity of the highly-godly church leader, and the write-up set me thinking.

He gave a background to the piece by telling the sad tale of a certain young lady who had been so carried away by her youth and beauty that she wasted the most useful part of her life on trips on the ‘fast lane’. Kumuyi then reminds the reader that the end to every human is indeed “sudden, critical and final,” stressing that we should therefore make every minute count, and not postpone till tomorrow what can be done today.

On the right path

We are told to travel the right path of making our time and lives on earth count.

We are further told our person is the accumulated successes or failures of each passing day. Whatever you put into every day will determine what you are at the end of each year and by extension, at the end of your life.

“One must give each moment, each day, something worthwhile to keep in stock or else at the end of one’s life, one may discover he/she had lived a wasted life. This is because time waits for no man. Whether in working, watching, waiting or wasting, time keeps rolling away,” the respected pastor exhorts.

According to the Holy Book, there is indeed a time to be born, a time to plant, a time to heal, a time to build, to gather stones together in building, to weep, to sew, to keep silent and to speak, to embrace and to refrain from embracing, and indeed a time to die.

Only one dash

Another author describes the time between when you were born and the time you finally bid the world bye as no more than a dash, which you can do very little to extend, and in which you are expected to pack in the entire things you want to achieve in life.

Time is indeed brief, and the tomb has been described as the richest place in the universe on account of the many, many talents it has swallowed. You will be no exception. So make every minute count. Live your all and attempt to die empty, by achieving all you can and adding the most value you can to humanity both in your life time and after your passage into the great beyond.

People tend to waste a lot of time on things that do not matter, seemingly not realising that time is precious and inelastic. You cannot stretch it, hoard it or lend it out. You also cannot store it or hold it.

“You should live in the reality of time and realise that opportunity wasted yesterday to achieve all you can, may never come again,” Kumuyi continues.


Live your life fully

Time and tide indeed wait for no man. Your life can be compared to the morning dew, or to a tale that is told, having an uncertain beginning and an unknown ending.

Procrastination is a thief, not only of time, but also of life, of treasure and even of destiny, because time is indeed life, treasure and destiny.

So fill your life with consistent, purposeful activity. Make every moment count positively towards the achievement of your life’s supreme goal.

One writer has rightly said that the easiest way to find purpose in life is to put purpose in everything you do, and it is easy really. Here it is: fill every second, and every minute will then be filled. Fill every hour, and every day of your life will be full and fulfilled.

Our days are identical suitcases – all the same size – but some people can pack more into them than others                                                      –       – –       Anonymous