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The World Igbo Congress (WIC) has rejected Ebube Agu, a zonal security outfit formed by South East Governors with a view to tackling growing insecurity in the zone.

The congress instead asked the governors to back the Eastern Security Network (ESN), an outfit formed by the Indigenous People of Biafra.


Chairman of the Board of Directors, World Igbo Congress, Prof. Anthony Ejiofor, and members of the executive of the group, in a statement yesterday said they rejected the new security outfit because it is a duplication of the function of ESN.

The group said that it’s decision was reached as it became clear that the key security officers of the ethnic group that wants to see to the annihilation of Igbo race were involved in the meeting with the South east governors.

“There is an Igbo adage that counsels that you do not carry a squirrel in the same bag with corn. How do you expect Fulani security officers whose kith and kin are the herdsmen to plan the security of the Southeast? How do you expect the same people whose kith and kin hold the sword of damocles over our heads to be our defenders? Our tormentors cannot protect us from planned annihilation. Governors should beware of the Trojan Horse!” the group said.

“Considering the foregoing, World Igbo Congress, rejects the Ebubeagu security outfit following the circumstances surrounding the announcement and the bulge claim that ESN is involved in the prison break in Owerri without evidence.”

WIC insisted that the governors’ impromptu behaviour was a mitigating effort against Igbo plan to protect themselves, noting that it can only support a genuine interest to the security of lives and properties in Igbo land which should be an Igbo project.

The further said that it would not hold apologies for demanding that homeland protection be an Igbo affair, describing the governors’ action as an abdication of the Igbo inalienable rights to self-preservation.

“The government’s national security operatives have failed to prosecute captured Fulani bandits and they have not shown to be fair and just to the nation.

“The Southeast governors need to revitalize their justice departments and begin to prosecute violators of the ‘open grazing law’ by enforcing the laws in their book. It will help in checking the marauding Fulani herdsmen. Creating a stereotype security outfit now is no longer a priority than helping in strengthening the existing ESN,” WIC stated.

According to the WIC spokesman, Hon. Basil Onwukwe, the South East governors need to work for the people and earn the confidence of the citizenry of Igboland and support the Eastern Security Network in providing all that is necessary to make it a strong security outfit for Ndigbo.

“Our homeland leaders must not be seen as tools in the hands of the Fulani who are attempting to annihilate Ndigbo and make Nigeria a Fulani conquered territory.”

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