Igniting your power for multiplication


And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it.

  • Gen 1:28(a)

After coming in contact with the above passage for the umpteenth time, I sought clarification. I was made to understand that the expression ‘to bless’ means ‘to empower’, ‘to enable’ or ‘to anoint’. Thus, by virtue of this blessing by God, the power and ability to be fruitful and to multiply has already been deposited in each and every one of us.


In other words, as a human being born of Adam, God has already empowered you for multiplication, for fruitfulness and for dominion. This confers each human with a potential or ability for increase and multiplication.


More to it than potential

However, there is more to successful achievement than the mere possession of this ability, of this potential. Power in itself means the ability to perform, but we need more than the mere possession of this ability. It is up to each and every one of us to learn how to activate and ignite this power and use it to attain whatever our objective is in life. How we may ignite such potential, such latent power in us is the subject of this chapter.

Activating the power

How does one ignite and release the power resident in a matchstick to produce fire? The answer is obvious: You simply strike it against a matchbox or against a rough edge, as the case may be. Without this, you cannot release the firepower in the match. So there is a to-do in order to attain this objective.

How do you activate the power to withdraw money from a current account you own? Obvious answer: By appending your signature to the cheque leaf. Once again, there is a to-do.

So also do you need to do some obvious things to release the multiplication power already deposited in you by the Creator. The first of these is obedience.

Obedience as a condition for manifesting power

Obedience is the most principal of the conditions for activating or manifesting the power already in each of us for multiplication and successful achievement. Other words synonymous with obedience include compliance, agreement, submission, respect, deference and conformity.

By this, we refer to obedience to the laws and principles of success as expounded variously by the Master over 2,000 years ago. Obedience to these principles will assure you of success in any area you so desire. They will work for you, in spite of your station in life, because they are principles and thus will work for anyone – whether he is white or black, tall or short, born into plenty or into poverty, of any religion or calling, and that is what makes them principles.

Your obedience to, submission to and agreement with these age-proven principles will command the very forces of the universe to work in your bidding and cause the Infinite Intelligence to bring into contact with you the very circumstances that will assure you of success.

Two of such principles are those of industry and frugality.

Industry and frugality

As simple as they may sound, industry (i.e. hard and smart work) and frugality (i.e. practicing economy in your spending patterns) are the very pillars that hold up the towers of sustainable wealth creation.

These principles were recognised and expounded by Benjamin Franklin of the USA as far back as 1758. They simply posit that you should neither waste time nor money.

If you can assuredly work hard and smart and practice prudence in your spending, savings and investment patterns, then it is just a matter of time before you become truly financially independent.

You only need to keep digging long and straight enough at a legitimate cause and you will surely hit gold.

Persistence and Perseverance

Add persistence and perseverance to the twin principles of industry and frugality, and no storm on earth is strong enough to blow you off the track of successful achievement. And for peace of mind, add integrity to the course, and you can be certain you will be truly gratified at the end of your earthly sojourn.