Hospital Sets Up Fund For Indigent Patients | TimeTestedNews


The Federal Teaching Hospital at Ido Ekiti (FETHI) has incorporated an Indigent Patients Fund to cater for the poor.

Chief Medical Director Prof Adekunle Ajayi said FETHI needed aid to support the indigent.


He sought support from philanthropists to expand the service.

Ajayi spoke at Ido Ekiti after the birth of  Emmanuella Mejabi.

The baby, who was referred to FETHI due to complications, was delivered in 24 weeks gestation and weighed 600 grammes.

Ajayi said management of the baby’s case was “peculiar because it is rare for 24 weeks gestation to be delivered safely.”

The baby’s mother, Comfort Mejabi, in a bid to have a second child in the last 11 years, had four spontaneous abortions.

Emmanuella was delivery in Kogi State on June 30 and referred to FETHI.

Ajayi said: “FETHI is in Ido Ekiti, but the baby was referred from Kogi to the hospital due to complications.tate. Those who will enjoy the services we render here go beyond Ekiti. We are calling on the people of Ekiti and beyond to help us.

“We have just incorporated an Indigent Fund to assist the poor. We will depend on the society to put money in this fund so that we can help these people.”