Herdsmen Brouhaha: Yoruba Nation’ll Leave Nigeria Soon – Prophet Giwa


Prophet Adewale Giwa, Senior Pastor at the Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, has said that the dream of people of the South West region to leave Nigeria would soon become a reality.

Giwa called on Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, to call to caution his Fulani kinsmen from terrorizing the Yoruba region and other parts of the country.


Giwa, while speaking with his church members on the state of the nation in Akure on Tuesday, said the body language of President Buhari had further caused disunity, hatred and disharmony among the citizens in Nigeria.

He specifically said the president should expect events that would disintegrate Nigeria any time soon.

The cleric also noted that politicians had failed to fulfil their campaign promises to the people over the years.

This, Giwa said had made Nigerians not to have trust in their political leaders

He, however, advised Yoruba people to stand firm and unite with a view to getting their freedom from Fulani government.

He said,” Yoruba people must unit if they really want to get their freedom from Fulani leaders. I am sure some events will come naturally that will turn things around in Nigeria.

“Maybe you are wondering why everything is turning upside down in this country, ask the president and his political party.

“A bad tree cannot produce good fruits; APC is a party dominated by miscreants. Within five years, look at what the party has brought upon Nigerians.

“They brought calamity, hunger, insecurity among others to Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari’s body language has continued to give a certain ethnic group power to take over land that does not belong to them.

“Despite the fact that they have no vision for Nigerians, they are encouraging and motivating Fulani herdsmen to kidnap and be killing our people.

“Yoruba people should expect events that will reshape the entire region at any moment. Read your Bible as Christians. Who told you disintegration is a sin?

“There was division in the early Christian church, and there is still division among the churches today.

“We have Agape Church of God, Winners, Redeemed Christian Church, CAC, Awaiting Gospel Church, among others. We all worship the same God, but different doctrines.

“Please, read Genesis Chapter 13 and tell me what happened between Abraham and Lot when their herdsmen were fighting each other.

“In the last 60 years, they have continued to share the resources meant for the poor among themselves.

“Division does not mean I cannot travel to the East, North or anywhere in the country. It’s just that each region will have its president and constitution because what they presently refer to as1999 constitution is a ruse.

“Nigeria can only be restructured through disintegration, and anything aside that is a waste of time.

“If they want the progress of Nigeria, they will make the citizens happy. What are they doing to convince us that they mean well for us?

“If we could have different churches today with different doctrines, what stops Nigeria from having three or more regions?

“They have turned most of our young graduate women to harlots in the streets. Parents can no longer send their children to schools anymore.

“If I have a Yoruba president in my region and he fails to fulfill his electoral promises, I will storm his office and challenge him.

“Can you travel from Akure to Abuja to challenge President Buhari who doesn’t understand your language?

“If a Yoruba president performs woefully, it is left to the people of that region to hold him responsible and accountable.”

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