Fulani Clash With Indigenous Community In Abuja, 3 Feared Dead


The worsening insecurity within the regions of Nigeria continues to grow with little abatement in sight. This is as information obtained from firsthand witnesses indicate the many communities within the federal capital territory [FCT], Abuja has virtually fallen under the grips of the unfolding fear that has already overtaken many regions of Nigeria.

Roughly less than a month following a looting attack at Arab road at Kubwa where a group of northern youths believed to be Hausa/Fulani launched on the merchants and began looting the properties in broad day light , another group consisting of northern youths struck at Karu market in Karu – resulting in the death one person.  The Karu incident occurred on the afternoon of Sunday May 9.


Within two days, another deadlier conflict ensued at Orozo community around Arab Junction. The initial conflict was between the northern youths comprising largely of Hausa youths and youths from Niger Republic and indigenes of Orozo [Gbagi]. One of the Hausa youths had reportedly slapped the indigenous monarch when the monarch pleaded with the Keke Napep operators to make way for his vehicle to pass. The slap did not go down well with the youths of the community.

Efforts to quell the brewing fight was tossed when the Hausa took to the streets with lit vehicle tyres – blocking the streets and burning shops and rioting. Merchants deserted the area running for their lives. The Hausa youths used the burning tyres to block the vehicular traffic heading towards Karshi – and the traffic heading towards Nyanya. They were holding knives and big sticks. Their action lasted for about 45minutes.

Not able to bare the bold face charade, the youths of Orozo community quickly organized and took to the streets to meet toe to toe with the rioting Hausa youths. It quickly degenerated to an all out brawl – of knives and sticks – hitting and slicing through skins. Many tricycles were damaged and lit on fire while some persons suffered injury. Unverified but reliable source indicates two Hausa folks who were injured during the battle later died owing to the injuries. One of the Hausa youths was stabbed in the stomach while the other youth was hit severally on the head with a heavy stick.

But the police in talking to 247ureports.com denied that any lives were lost. The DPO of Karshi acknowledged two Hausa youths sustained serious injuries. But survived it. “Do you want to light Nigeria on fire, nobody died. Nobody was killed in Orozo. Everything is calm now.”        

Two days following the clash at Orozo, a group of youths dressed in garbs identified as Fulani arrived Arab Junction around 12noon – and began damaging shops and looting. They set fires to some of the businesses at Arab Junction. One of the food merchant was forced to abandon for restaurant to the bandits. They may away with her sales for the day and her mobile phone. They also set her shop on fire.

It took the intervention of Orozo youths who quickly organized to pose a fight to the Fulani youths at Arab Junction. After heated battle of knives and sticks, the Fulani were driven away.  But before leaving, the Fulani promised to return again to complete and/or continued the fight.

One of the frontline youths of Orozo who sustained a head injury during the fight with Fulani died a few days after the battled. His is popularly known as “Hardcore”. The entire community mourned his lose. He was buried the next day.

Meanwhile, Orozo community remains at an alert in fear of a possible return by the Fulani. The vigilante men of the community has since double in the number and the night patrol has also been intensified. Most nights, the air space is filled with sounds of gunshots that would last from 1am till 4am.

One of the police officers station in Orozo told 247ureports.com that the police is handicapped in the sense that they lack the manpower to properly police the area. “Do you know that the entire Karshi/Orozo area is manned by less than 95 police officers”.

The police source points to sensitive infrastructures located in Orozo that needs the attention and presence of the police – such the Federal Science and Technical College, Treasury Academy, a large Anglican and Catholic Church located near Arab Junction, LEA Primary and secondary school, Orozo market – among others. “At the Orozo sub-police outpost, there are only about 2 police officers stationed at the post at a given time. No weapons.”