#EndSARS: Coalition Issues Fresh Demands To Govt, Says Protest ‘An Unfinished Task’ | TimeTestedNews


In its efforts to ensure the realisation of the demands of #EndSARS protesters, a coalition of human rights activists has issued a fresh seven-point agenda to the federal government.

The human rights groups described EndSARS protest as an unfinished task that cannot be abandoned.


The fresh seven-point agenda of the coalition are:

1. real, not promissory satisfaction of the ‘5 for 5’ initial demands of EndSARS protesters

2. immediate replacement of the Inspector-General of Police

3. immediate reversal of power and fuel price hikes

4. immediate stoppage of jumbo salaries and allowances for political office holders

5. all public officials to be placed on national minimum wage

6. drastic upward funding of education and health sectors and

7. immediate de-privatisation of power and oil sectors nationalisation to be restored


The coalition made their demands known rising from a one-day meeting in Lagos on Friday.

The coalition under the aegis of New Nigeria Network (NNN) have the following groups as members Radical Agenda Movement in the Nigeria Bar Association (RAMINBA), Federation of Informal Workers’ Organization of Nigeria, Coalition for Revolution (CORE), Take it Back Movement, Movement for a Socialist Alternative (MSA) and Socialist Workers and Youth League (SWL), among others.

The chairman, RAMINDA, Barrister Adesina Ogunlana, who spoke for the coalition, noted that the brutality meted out to the armless protesters would be pursued until justice was served.

Further noting that NNN comprised groups of progressive forces that actively participated in the #EndSARS movement, Ogunlana said that the 17-days protests across the country was “a revolutionary in the sense that it is not a one-point static protest but a protest against the multi-layer level of challenges in the Nigerian state and it is essentially a demand for the full citizenship status of all Nigerians and the curbing of executive lawlessness, governmental lopsided profligacy and entrenchment impunity. It is all about ‘misgovernance’ of a system and a system of misgovernance.”

Adding his voice, the general secretary of Federation of Informal Workers’ Organization of Nigeria, Comrade Gbenga Komolafe, said the coalition’s seven-point agenda would help rebuild Nigeria if realised.