Don Jazzy Crowned Instagram, Media Influencer Of The Year 2021


Renowned Nigerian singer com music executive producer Don Jazzy has been crowned the Instagram and Media Influencer of the year 2021 by Pulse Nigeria and we think he deserves it because he is really doing well.


Don Jazzy is one of the few ‘old people’ blending in very well when it comes to the use of social media and he always makes sure to support others and encourage them as well hence it’s not surprising he has been crowned the Instagram and media influencer of the year.

Pulse Nigeria at their recent Influencer Awards saw how hard and good Don Jazzy is and crowned him the Instagram and Media Influencer of the year and indeed he has influence at these two places especially on Instagram.

Meanwhile Reality TV star, Uti Nwachukwu, has taken a swipe at people who use their ‘mental health’ as an excuse to avoid responsibility and accountability.

Uti in a Twitter post, chided such people who hide under the guise of protecting their mental health, instead of taking positive actions.

He tweeted,

“A lot of youngins keep using their ‘mental health’ as a quick excuse to avoid accountability, responsibility, Discipline, empathy& commitment.

Serve! Sacrifice! Follow due process!

Learn Emotional intelligence!

-But Nooo “my menta het!”

🙄 continue!

Don’t cry abandonment later o!”

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