DETERMINATION: The rest as the best


Some time ago, I published in my regular column, an account[J1]  of an ordeal I had in the hands of hoodlums. I was subsequently overwhelmed by the deluge of phone calls, text messages and emails, expressing concern and appreciation for my humble contribution to the Tribune titles since I was privileged to join the newspaper as its Group Business Editor.

I must tell you, however, that I did a lot of meditation after that occurrence. I asked myself, ‘What if I had passed on from that experience? Would I have justified my existence on Mother Earth with my forty-something years of staying on this planet? Would I have fulfilled God’s purpose for my life? Would I be able to stand before my Creator and say I lived a purpose-driven life?’


Although I have found a calling in what I currently do and plan to do with the position in which nature and providence put me in at my workplace, and also as a husband, father, son, brother, colleague and friend to several people, I wondered if I had justified my calling and my purpose so far.

What stance before Baba God?

Would I have been able to answer God’s question in the affirmative if He had asked me whether I had served His purpose for me on earth? All these questions raced through my mind during my little session of meditation.

And so I decided to address this matter – after all, the purpose of this book is to inspire you to become the utmost you can be and to stir and galvanize you into self-realisation and ultimate self-fulfilment through successful achievement in all facets of life.

The rest as the best

For a while now, one of the confessions or mantras my family and I use at the end of our early morning devotions has been this statement: ‘The rest of my life shall be the best of my life’. We confess this regularly because I am convinced that in line with what the Master said over 2,000 years ago, what you say is what you have.

Ever since that unfortunate incident, I have doubled efforts to ensure that anything I apply myself to, I always give my best shot, aiming for excellence and victory and eschewing mediocrity in any form.

I encourage you to adopt a similar posture towards the rest of your life, no matter how young or old you may be.

Your life, a gift

The realisation that your life is a gift from the Creator who is keenly interested in what you make of it should fire your enthusiasm to make the best of it. You are not only accountable to yourself for whatever you make of it; you are also accountable to the society and to the Higher Intelligence we all call God.

So you will do well to take stock now and examine what you have made of your life and decide to make something better of it for the remaining part of your sojourn here on Mother Earth, for the Good Book makes us understand that we will not have a second chance to do that.

Fire yourself up

Once you get yourself fired up and sincerely decide to do more towards becoming more, the giant latent power that lies within you will be stirred and even the higher powers of the universe will arise to help you through your new resolve. No one can help a man who is not ready to help himself and conversely, no one can stop a man who believes deeply in his ability to achieve success and supports this with the requisite action.

The resolve is yours to make!

I urge you therefore, to make the rest of your life, starting from now, the best part. Put the successes and failures of the past behind you, for nature did not intend that we look backwards else we would have been given eyes at the back of our heads. For one, you can decide to work harder and smarter, to be more honest in your dealings, to aim towards the best only and to start practising and making a habit out of sound personal finance practices now. It’s not too late.


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