DETERMINATION: If Obama could make it…


Never let anyone judge you by the colour of your skin or tell you you can’t; you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it

                                      – An American youth during Obama’s inauguration


Obama: A classic case

On Tuesday, January 20, 2009, Barrack Hussein Obama was sworn in as the first black president of the most powerful nation on earth thereby making him the single most powerful person on the surface of our planet.

And the entire process through which he ‘acceded’ the American throne was nothing short of another miracle of our generation – considering the odds stashed against him in becoming America’s first black president.

Less than a century ago, blacks in the US were not even allowed to vote, talk less of holding political offices. Then along came the son of a Kenyan to emerge the leader of the globe as we know it today.

Blacks who had witnessed the oppression and segregation against their own could not but shed tears at that momentous occasion, which attracted the largest crowd in American history and was watched/celebrated all over the world, with Obama being perceived as the progenitor of hope, change and progress.

The fact that Obama could make it to the White House in our generation is a pointer that anything is possible to him who believes and acts in accordance with his belief.

We may not all be opportune to make such a big impact as Obama did, or win such huge internationally-acclaimed victories as he did but the fact remains that we can all be champions in our own little corners of the world and make our impact felt among people nearest to us. And this is the kind of thinking that brought about the creation of Club Inspirati (which I will discuss more extensively in another chapter).

You can attain your dreams

You can achieve your dream like Obama did his, no matter what the dreams – or obstacles to it – are. The first point is to desire such a goal so badly that you dream it, think it, talk it and act it every point in time. It is indeed attainable. Not everyone – not even blacks – gave Obama a very good chance at the American presidency at the announcement of his entry into the race. But he BELIEVED his own dream; he desired it, thought it, talked it and acted it until it came to fruition. That is the power of desire mixed with a lot of determination. Believe your dream and be determined to see it through. If Obama could make, then you can make it too.

What exactly is that new dream or project you have in mind? Do you believe it enough? Are you ready to back it with plenty of raw determination? Then nothing can stop you, and I mean NOTHING!

Think about it!


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