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The police have deployed more patrols for  the Formby beach area to crack down on lockdown breaches .Over 100 Cars were turned  away by the police on Saturday and issued around 20 people €200 fines for covid-19 breaches.
Merseyside Police said patrols have been increased in the area following reports of “large numbers” of individuals at the coastal beauty spot who came to enjoy the nice weather. Discovery showed that some people had travelled to the coast from as far as Leeds, Stockport, and Manchester.

Superintendent Graeme Robson said there was a “large increase” in people travelling to the Formby beach area because of the good weather, some of whom had “travelled a significant distance”.


He added: “This is totally unacceptable and shows total disregard for the governing authority , which is in position to protect not only ourselves but individuals  around us.

“To disregard the rules in this way is not only reckless and irresponsible, but can result in a substantial fine, as we have seen today.
“Individuals from as far as Leeds, Manchester and Stockport were found to have made the trip to Formby today, which is quite frankly astounding.
“Now more than ever individuals should be take heed to the  advice, so that infection rates can continue to drop, and we can meet the  necessary criteria for easing lockdown in the upcoming weeks and months.”

Mr Robson added: “We will continue to have more patrols in the area over the  weeks and I would strongly advise people to check ahead before travelling to popular destinations to ensure they can socially distance while there, and to avoid it totally if it is  not within their local area.”


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