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China president, Xi Jinping, obtains historic third term


Chinese leader Xi Jinping unanimously secured an unprecedented third five-year presidential term on Friday, making him China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong and is on track to remain in power for life.


Nearly 3,000 members of the National People’s Congress (NPC), voted for Xi to be president, in an uncontested election.

Xi was also unanimously voted to serve a third term as the head of the nation’s Central Military Commission.

During the parliamentary session, Zhao Leji, 66, was appointed as the new parliament chair, and Han Zheng, 68, as the new vice president, both of whom were members of Xi’s previous team of party leaders at the Politburo Standing Committee.

Over the next two days, officials appointed or elected by Xi will fill top positions in the cabinet, including Li Qiang, who is expected to be named as China’s No. 2.

From obscurity to leadership

Xi’s re-election marks a remarkable ascent from a relatively unknown party member to the leader of a burgeoning global superpower.

Despite facing widespread protests over his zero-Covid policy and the subsequent deaths of numerous individuals after its abandonment, the 69-year-old leader has persevered.

It was widely expected that Xi’s appointment would be endorsed by the National People’s Congress, a ceremonial body whose members are appointed by the ruling party.

Since taking power in 2012, Xi has marginalized potential challengers and filled key positions in the Communist Party with his own allies.

The vote for Xi was unanimous, with 2,952 members of the NPC supporting his appointment.


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