AGF Idris Advocates Quarterly Audit Of MDAs By Auditor-General | TimeTestedNews




The Accountant-General of the Federation, Ahmed Idrisfcna has advocated for quarterly audit of MDAs in order to make their duties simple and easy to tackle when financial reports are received from the MDAs. This will create cooperation, understanding and harmonious working relationship between Federal Auditors and MDAs.

The AGF further opined that in order to curb the pile ups of financial reports for Auditing, the Office of the Auditor General for the Federation should carry out quarterly audit of the MDAs and there is need for renewed orientation on the concept and practice of Auditing.



According to AGF, it is time we adopt modern Auditing techniques with ICT tools which makes auditing quicker and most accurate. Auditors are not on a witch-hunt mission, they are to advice and give positive opinion. This will reduce embarrassment that Accounting Officers of MDAs receive in Public Accounts meeting.

Idris said this when the Auditor-General of the Federation Mr. Adolphus AghughuJP, FCNA, FCTI paid a working visit to the Treasury House. The AGF noted that the OAGF and AUGF are two sister Agencies with similar mandate. For him, we cannot have Audit without Accounts and we must sustain the cordial relationship for the good of the nation.

Furthermore, on the submission of financial statement for Audit, Idris said his office has been able to reduce the four years gap of non-submission to only one. As at today, the accounts for the 2019 are ready for submission, except for the fact that we have been asked to wait till work is concluded on the 2018 report.

He urged the Auditor General of the Federation to sustain the cordial relationship that existed between the two Agencies which he said is for the good of his office and the system; the good of the Nigerian people and the good of the Nigerian government.

Ahmed Idris also congratulated the AuGF for being elected the Chairman of the African Board of Auditors and also extended his goodwill for collaboration and refresher training for Accountants and Auditors.

Speaking earlier, the AuGF Mr. Adolphus Aghughu thanked the AGF for his support and encouragement before and after his appointment.

He solicited for strong collaboration between the Treasury Audit Department of his office and the Consolidated Accounts Department of OAGF in order to timely resolve issues that may cause delay in the completion of work on financial statements.