Abiola’s son called me, raises fear of another “June 12” – Pat Utomi


A Chieftain of the Labour Party, Prof Pat Utomi has said one of the sons of the late Chief Moshood Abiola called him earlier in the day raising the fear of another June 12.

Chief Abiola was the acclaimed winner of the June 12 1993 Presidential election, which was annulled by former President Ibrahim Babangida.


Utomi was invariably referring to the ongoing presidential election which is yet to be concluded.

He said in the midst of a sense of deja vu, he received a call from one of the sons of Abiola who told him what is playing out looks like another “June 12”

Though he did not mention the name of the son of Abiola that expressed such fear, he wrote on his Twitter handle that  the Abiola son asked, “Does this not feel like June 12 all over”

His tweet, “Does lightning strike twice? I am overcome by a sense of deja vu. The feeling that I have here before. And my phone rings. It is one of the Abiola sons. And he asks. Does this not feel like June 12 all over?. I pray God it does not turn out same way”

Some respondents however cautioned him to stop raising such fears.  A respondent warned him saying, “You will go to jail” telling him this is not Endsars. Some other respondents asked him to name the son.

One Akin Akangbe however said, “Prof. be at peace, Labour Party will be declared the winner and Peter Obi will govern on behalf of ordinary Nigerians. President Buhari is different from Gen. Babangida, in terms of legacy. Buhari wants to be remembered for something and he will see it through. Be at peace, Prof.”

Many others on the thread asked him to address the press and put contingency plans in place to forestall such. The tweet which was posted at about 1059 pm on Saturday, February 25 has generated  31,700 views as of the time this report was put together.

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