About 500 Whales Stranded On Australian Island | TimeTestedNews


More whales have been discovered stranded off the coast of Australia, meaning almost 500 of the animals now make up the biggest mass stranding ever recorded on Tasmania.

In the remote town of Strahan, rescuers had been scrambling to save the survivors among what is thought to be 270 pilot whales on Monday, from a beach and two sand banks.

However, a further 200 stranded whales were seen from the air on Wednesday, less than six miles (10km) to the south of those, according to Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service Manager Nic Deka.
Approximately 250 whales are stranded in shallow waters off Tasmania's west coast

Hundreds of whales stranded in shallow waters

“From the air, they didn’t look to be in a condition that would warrant rescue,” Mr Deka said. “Most of them appeared to be dead.”

Crews will be sent to the creatures by boat, to assess whether they can be saved or not, Mr Deka added.

Rescuers moved around 30 of the stranded whales from their original position to the open seas, however, many of them became stranded again.

Officials estimate around a third of the original group of whales had died by Monday evening, with a further update expected later on Wednesday.